NetSuite 2016.1 Release Highlights


With the roll-out of the NetSuite 2016.1 release imminent for many of our clients and partners, we wanted to riff on some of the new features we are excited about. NetSuite’s releases can be pretty large and cumbersome so let us help you skip the filler and get straight to the killer.

For our friends in the retail and supply chain sectors, there are a few great features being rolled out.

A common customization we have developed in the past was to create a script to automatically assign the fulfillment Location on Sales Orders according to criteria like proximity to the customers’ shipping address, inventory levels, etc. To address this need, NetSuite is unveiling their new Automatic Location Assignment engine. The Auto Location Assignment engine allows a company to set up rules to assign a location to a Sales Order. This enhancement will allow retailers to intelligently and efficiently fulfill Sales Orders using native features.

Also, for retailers, NetSuite is releasing the new Retail Stock Ledger Report. This report will help you to understand SKU level activity across departments, classes, and locations for a given period of time. It can help your business identify inventory turnover at the item level, item shortages, and overstocked items.

Finally, NetSuite has added the Customer Part Number field for inventory items. No more custom fields needed for customer part numbers on your Sales Orders. Supply Chain domination!

A couple other exciting features are being moved out of Beta and into general availability, SuiteSegments and SuiteScript 2.0. SuiteSegments are custom GL segments for company or industry-specific accounting practices. SuiteSegments allows NetSuite the flexibility to accommodate your business if you need segments beyond the standard Class, Department, and Location.

SuiteScript 2.0 further enhances the SuiteCloud Platform to give developers some new APIs to play with and additional enhancements in areas like mass updates, bundle installation, and portlets. There is also now script record validation for script updates and new script types. SuiteScript 2.0 is intended to give developers a much more modern JavaScript experience.

There are a lot of other additional features and enhancements included in this release, but these are just a few that we are really excited about. If you have questions about these features, or any of the other new features in the 2016.1 release, please contact us at We are always excited to hear from you!