Introducing the Barefoot NetSuite Assessment Bundle

Having troubles with NetSuite Performance? You are not alone.

Our new Assessment tool measures the performance efficiency of your NetSuite instance via our custom-built analytics tools. This tool allows us to quickly analyze workflows, scripts, and saved searches to determine bottlenecks in your NetSuite instance. A slow NetSuite account slows down your employees which costs you money! Don’t let your technology affect your bottom line! 

Powerful Analytics

Measure and analyze your NetSuite Account’s Performance with our custom developed analytical tools. We have developed a variety of efficiency metrics to assess the performance of a array of key performance indicators within your NetSuite account. An example of some of the metrics we can collect for you:

  • Page Performance
  • Overall average page load time
  • Page load time by record type
  • Total wait time by page or record type
  • Total wait time by user
  • Slowest running reports/saved searches
  • Scripts with errors
  • Scripts using outdated functions/features/patterns
  • More and more being added!


Identify what is slowing you down and explore solutions. Have your employees complained of NetSuite account slowness? Use our new bundle to quickly asses what areas are slowing down your account. Slow NetSuite makes for slow employees and can quickly cost you money. Make your technology work for you, not the other way around!

Built for Everyone

Intuitive analysis that allows any company to evaluate their account no matter what type of customization. The beauty of NetSuite is that it can be used by a wide variety of types of organizations. Whether you are in retail, manufacturing, technology, or anything in between, our performance indicators can identify which processes are slowing down your account. 

The NetSuite Assessment Bundle is currently available for sale as a private bundle that we can walk you through. If interested, please contact your Barefoot consultant or email us at . We’re always happy to hear from you!