March 25, 2013

About Us

The Barefoot Path

We were working at high-growth supply chain IT company together for many years, designing and building new integrated solutions for the rapidly-expanding company. Through way of this, we came to learn endless ERP’s in the market but one always stood out, NetSuite. Sometimes we loved it, sometimes we hated it, but one thing was clear, it was going places and there were not enough knowledgable people to help companies adopt the future.

Upon leaving and pursuing other opportunities, we kept hearing from colleagues about helping them with NetSuite. Eventually we started picking up some projects and Barefoot was born. We started small, focusing on our first clients and listening to the type of model they were looking for. It became clear that clients needed resources that knew not just every corner of NetSuite but a broader understanding of how modern IT systems should be designed and operated. We found that this is best solved keeping a clear and direct communication line between the business stakeholders and the individuals solving their problems, all while still giving everyone the support they needed.

Eventually we expanded our team and today Barefoot continues to grow while not losing focus on the direct-service approach that has serviced both us and clients well. We continue to refine our approach in hopes that clients never stop being impressed with what we are able to deliver for them.

We look to the future both for growing our ability to deliver NetSuite service of the highest quality as well as expanded IT services for our clients.


Mike Linton & Evan Goetzman