2016 Barefoot Retreat – Costa Rica

The story of the 2016 Barefoot Retreat starts like this… In late-November on one of our daily team meetings, Mike and Evan called a mandatory meeting for the next morning. An initial sense of panic was quickly dispelled by the assurance it was all going to be positive. The next morning, Mike and Evan let the team know they had decided we would be conducting our yearly planning meeting in January in Costa Rica!!

“Whoa. Cool. We can do that? Why not?!” This is a pretty common internal dialogue one has when working at a small company like Barefoot.

So it was decided, the Barefoot 2016 Retreat was born… We would be spending four days in Tamarindo, Costa Rica recapping 2015 and planning for 2016. An ambitious agenda was born, flights and Airbnb booked, presentations assigned, activities planned…

2016-01-28 23.21.39
Not too shabby…

We set out with some pretty straightforward goals: to go over our 2015 performance and 2016 projections, review our intake and delivery process, present the marketing plan, and brainstorm new product ideas… and, oh yeh, to have some fun as well. What we achieved was much greater…

We completely re-designed our intake and delivery process to utilize tools like Trello with integrations to Slack and Asana. This change will greatly improve our efficiency and throughput and allow our delivery process to be much more scalable as we grow and add different types of projects. We now actually have a Marketing Plan too!! (we know, right?) And we also came up with some pretty awesome product and service ideas to develop over the year.

20160128_3       20160128_4
The new process is very clear                                    The laboratory

2015 was a great year for Barefoot and our plan for 2016 is even bigger. We’ve already got some exciting products on offer like our Netsuite Maintenance and Support Plans and the Netsuite Performance Assessment Bundle, and even more in the pipeline for delivery. Watch this space for updates on things like Training Classes and an Error Tracking service. That’s probably all we can say for now without making Evan want to kill us… so until then, enjoy the pictures!

Team Picture

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